My name is Petros Efstathopoulos and I was born in Athens, Greece.

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I am currently the VP of Research at RSA Conference. I work with a team of talented researchers on a number of different research areas, including security, data analytics, machine learning, IoT & mobile, risk assessment, systems, privacy & identity, and many others.

As a PhD student at the Computer Science department of UCLA, I worked with prof. Eddie Kohler (and a few other cool people) on the design and implementation of the Asbestos operating system. The goal of Asbestos is to reason about the behavior and security of applications without understanding the applications themselves. In October of 2008 I became Dr Efstathopoulos after succesfully defending my my PhD dissertation on "Policy Management and Decentralized Debugging in the Asbestos Operating System".

During my studies at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the NTUA, I worked at the Computing Systems Laboratory, where I collaborated with many talented people, under the supervision of prof. Nectarios Kozyris.


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